Lessons from practice : Internship in professional practice

lbari2281  2022-2023  Bruxelles Saint-Gilles

Lessons from practice : Internship in professional practice
3.00 credits
Fontaine Christine (coordinator);
Main themes
For this teaching unit, students will make contact with European partners, practicing as architects, actors from the professional architectural scene or in the civil society and with whom they will be able to do an original internship in order to acquire knowledge and methods.
The teaching unit aims to put students face to face with their commitments and responsibilities, by integrating a design / construction team specific to the architectural or urban sector. This teaching unit aims to know and understand the stakes of the legal mission of the architect by specifying the different levels of responsibility and by explaining in a practical way the different management tools of a project and a construction site.
The teaching will therefore be done in an architectural office. The student will report on two types of experience:
*Professional practice and content of the architectural mission with a view to concretizing / carrying out a project (participation in the production of construction documents, for example)
*Tools for managing a project process and contractual framework for the management of a worksite (worksite visit and note taking).
The student will report on a first understanding of the legal framework of the architect’s profession, the objectives, challenges, impacts & responsibilities of an architectural mission. The student will include the breakdown of the different stages of a complete architectural assignment (from sketch to construction).
The student will report on the organization and project management documents specific to a construction / realization process experienced during the internship.
Learning outcomes and Contribution to the LO repository:
The teaching unit must allow students to identify the framework of their future mission as an architect and to seek information in order to be able to evaluate it.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

Make committed choices
Be aware of the political significance of one's activity, and of one's responsibility to society, in the public interest
Demonstrate ethics and a capacity for resilience through its architectural positions
Adopt a professional attitude
Observe the evolution of professional practice, and adapt oneself by getting involved independently in a logic of research
Act as an independent and critical actor, aware of the stakes of the mission, responsibilities towards third parties and the legal obligations
Organize, plan, develop and synthesize individual or collective work
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