Organism biology : plants and animals

lbio1112  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Organism biology : plants and animals
5.00 credits
30.0 h + 20.0 h
Morphology and plant physiology
Plant Morphology / Anatomy, Growth and Development; Transport in plants / Acquisition and transfer of resources; Plant and soil nutrients / Defensive responses of plants / Responses to internal and external stimuli /
The sensory systems of plants / Responses to internal and external stimuli / Plant breeding / reproduction of angiosperms and plant biotechnology
Morphology and Physiology of animals
Animal body and regulating principle / Structure and function in animals, general / Nervous system / neurons, synapses and signals / Sensory systems / sensory and motor mechanisms / endocrine system / hormones and endocrine system / musculoskeletal system / sensory and motor mechanisms / digestive system / nutrition in animals / respiratory system / circulation and gas exchange / circulatory system / circulation and gas exchange / osmotic and urinary regulation / esmoregulation and excretion / immune system / reproductive system / reproduction in animals / animal development /
Teaching methods
Lectures, online courses, practical courses
Evaluation methods
Botanical part: written examination Animal biology part:
Continuous assessment (online quiz, group work, certification test in audiancy, reports of practical work).
In case of success of all parties (score equal to or greater than 10/20 for each part, passing certification tests in audience, if one of the notes (online quiz, group work, practical work BUT NOT THE CERTIFIED TESTS IN AUDIENCE) is less than 10, an average score of 15/20 makes up for this weakness), the student is exempted from the final exam.
In the case of a final exam, the mark is the average of the mark of the other activities and of the exam.
Biologie, de Raven et al. publié chez DeBoeck (11eme édition, 217)
Teaching materials
  • Partie végétale: Syllabus Biologie végétale disponible à la DUC
  • Partie animale: diapositives disponibles sur Moodle
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