Plant production

lbira2108b  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Plant production
2.00 credits
22.5 h
Mandatory skills in plant biology, plant physiology and genetics acquired during the Bachelor of bioengineer or equivalent
Main themes
General principles of ecophysiology of major crops
Biomass production and resources capture
Passage from the isolated plant to the plant population
Plant growth and development, yield components
Morphology, phenology, physiological factors, biotic and abiotic stresses
Application to several temperate, tropical and ubiquitous crops
1. The plant in terms of supply and demand
Generic scheme of a plant. Development, morpho-genetic sequences. Approach in terms of supply and demand. Principles of yield constitution
2. light interception, photosynthesis and allocation
From the leaf to the canopy. Photosynthesis efficiency. Dry biomass distribution
3. Limiting factors and sustainable yields.
Water-driven limitation. Nitrogen-driven limitations. Resources capture and yields
4. Modellingof biomass production
Exercise on genotype-environment interactions
5. Temperate and ubiquitous major crops: maize, wheat, sugar beet, potato
Morphology. Growth and development. Yield parameters
6. Tropical major crop: rice
Morphology. Growth and development. Yield parameters. Ecology: soil, climate, abiotic stresses. Crop management
Teaching methods
Oral teaching with case studies
Field visits
In silicomodelling
Evaluation methods
Written examination
Other information
This course can be given in English
Online resources
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Ouvrages de référence
Hay and Porter (2006) ' The physiology of crop yield
Hay RKM and Walker AJ, 1989. An introduction to the physiology of crop yield. Longman, Essex. 292 p.
Smith DL and Hamel C, 1999. Crop yield. Physiology and processes. Springer, Heidelberg. 504 p.
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