Projet interdisciplinaire

lbira2230  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Projet interdisciplinaire
10.00 credits
100.0 h
To put together, by groups of 3-4 students, an innovative project proposal dealing with a topical issue and taking into account its impact on the economic, environmental, ethical and social dimensions of sustainability
Teaching methods
•Supervising and guiding students during their project development
•Providing appropriate information regarding creativity, presentation skills, building of a business plan, …
•Individual coaching for each group
Evaluation methods
Evaluation of a written report following a predefined format
Evaluation of an oral presentation during which each member of the group has to explain the different dimensions of the project
Evaluation of the answers provided during an oral defence following the presentation
Other information
This course is accessible to English-speaking students since the projects can be prepared and presented in English.
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Master [120] in Agricultural Bioengineering