Food Chemistry

lbral2103a  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Food Chemistry
3.00 credits
30.0 h
Analysis of organic compounds - I : separation techniques
Main themes
A- Major food constituents: physico-chemical properties, reactivity, functional properties, modifications during processing. Mainly 4 families of constituents are investigated : carbohydrates and Maillard reactions, lipids and chemical/enzymatic oxidation pathways (antioxidants, especially polyphenols), proteins, and water. The experimental courses associated to this part are organized around the production of a wine and the analyses of its raw materials.
B- Minor food constituents: chemical structures, reactivity and functional properties of the aromas, sweeteners, imitators of fats, colouring agents, and contaminants (dioxins, PCB, mycotoxins, nitrosamines, acrylamide..).
- Chemistry of sugars and Maillard reactions
- Compounds issued from lipid oxidation
- Chemistry of polyphenols and actions against lipid oxidation
- Other major constituents: proteins and water
- Chemical structures and synthesis pathways of the main aromas
- Other minor constituents: colorants, sweeteners, contaminants ..
Teaching methods
Magistral lectures for the theoretical part of the course. The chocolate is used as the typical example in all chapters. The student is also brought to produce a wine, and to implement a series of protocols aiming at the analysis of grapes and wine. According to the number of students, certain aspects can be approached through the analysis of published papers.
Evaluation methods
Written examination for the theoretical aspects. The experimental know-how and the attitude are assessed throughout practical classes, as well as by a relatively concise report.
Other information
This course is given in French.
Online resources
Traité de brasserie (Volume 1, chapitres 1, 3, 8 et 12). Collin. 2022. Ed DUNOD. ISBN : 978-2-10-083186-9
Polyphénols et procédés. Collin et Crouzet. 2011. Ed Tec et Doc. Lavoisier. ISBN : 978-2-7430-1338-7
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