Séminaire en journalisme : le monde des médias et de l'information

lcomu1236  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Séminaire en journalisme : le monde des médias et de l'information
4.00 credits
7.5 h + 10.0 h
Q1 and Q2
Reserved to students having chosen the “journalism” option of the Bachelor in Information and Communication program, this seminar addresses the following topics:
- the practical discovery of the media companies ecosystem, mainly in Belgium
- the discovery of the world of information
- the discovery of news related to the media
The topics above will be addressed with particular emphasis on technological issues and digital innovation in the media world. What innovation strategy for a media company? How to evolve / reinvent yourself in the age of digital technologies? These questions will guide the interviews with media professionals as well as the field visits.
Teaching methods
The seminar includes presentations by guests from the media world and/or by the teacher, and visits on site (examples from previous years: newsroom visit, TV show attendance).
Evaluation methods
Continuous evaluation based on works to be submitted, related to the seminar sessions and the visits, tests on the news follow-up (via Multiple Choice Questions and/or Short Answer Open-ended Questions), and active participation in the various sessions and activities.
The second session includes a test on news follow-up and work to be submitted (similar to the sum of work submitted during the year), on a topic defined by the teacher, related to the visits and conferences given during the year.
In case of absence during conferences and visits during the academic year, substantial fieldwork (interview of several media professionals, survey) will be requested in order to feed the final report.
Online resources
Presentation materials, useful links, work instructions and other external resources will be made available to students on the Moodle platform of the course.
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Bachelor in Information and Communication