Analyse des dispositifs médiatiques

lcomu1239  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Analyse des dispositifs médiatiques
4.00 credits
22.5 h
Other information
English-friendly Course
  • Reading: bibliographical references in English can be provided
  • Questions: students can ask their questions in English
  • Evaluation: students can do presentations and answer exam questions in English
  • Dictionary: students are allowed to use a dictionary (monolingual French dictionary or bilingual French-mother tongue dictionary, as specified by the teacher), including for exams.
Gomez-Mejia, G. (2016). Les fabriques de soi ? Identité et industrie sur le web. MkF éd. 
Meunier, J.-P., & Peraya, D. (2010). Introduction aux théories de la communication. Armando Editore. 
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Souchier, E., Candel, E., Jeanne-Perrier, V., & Gomez-Mejia, G. (2019). Le numérique comme écriture - Théories et méthodes d’analyse : Théories et méthodes d’analyse. Armand Colin. 
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Minor in numerical technologies and society

Bachelor in Information and Communication