Journalism and social sciences

lcomu2121  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Journalism and social sciences
3.00 credits
15.0 h
Based on numerous scholarly and journalistic sources, the course offers the tools to develop the knowledge and references to understand the role of journalism in the social world, as well as the ability to conduct and support analytical and critical reflection on the connections, intersections and divergences (of objectives, purposes, methods, productions, audiences, etc.) between journalistic approaches, documentary approaches and approaches social sciences (mainly sociology and some ethnography). These questions are also considered in terms of social, political, ethical and professional issues.
Teaching methods
Presentations, viewings, bibliographic research, production of texts, class discussions
Monitoring of student work and discussions according to terms that will be specified and available on Moodle at the time of the first lesson.
Evaluation methods
Assessment for the first session: continuous assessment based on 3 successive individual assignments
• Work 1 (6 points) will be due during the semester
• Work 2 (6 points) will be due at the end of the semester at the latest.
• Work 3 (8 points) final paper
--> The calendar will be presented and available on Moodle on the date of the first course. The precise instructions will be gradually presented and available on Moodle.
Assessment for the second session: 3 assignments
--> The methods and instructions for the three assignments (which will be based on the same requirements and which will address the same type of questions as those dealt with in the assignments for the second semester) will be specified on Moodle at the beginning of July. The work must be submitted for the beginning of the August session.
Online resources
Frameworks / information / calendar / modalities / instructions + references of texts to read + links to audiovisual documents to view --> gradually available on Moodle (depending on the progress of the subject matter and the schedule of work to be carried out)
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Master [120] in Communication

Master [120] in Communication

Master [120] in Journalism