Déontologie en criminologie

lcrim2112  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Déontologie en criminologie
2.00 credits
15.0 h
The course addresses the main ethical issues that arise in the professions that criminologists may practice.
Each aspect of the subject is developed in a general manner and illustrated by an examination of the codes and regulations specific to the various professions as well as by case studies.
This course is intended to provide criminology students with tools before they begin their internship.
Teaching methods
The course is lectured. Interactivity is stimulated.
Evaluation methods
As this is a continuous assessment course, attendance at this course is required. In accordance with article 72 of the General Regulations for Studies and Examinations, the Professors may propose to the jury that a student who has at least three unjustified absences for the course, be refused registration for the January, June or September session.
Evaluation is continuous and takes the form of multiple choice questions or quizzes to be taken after certain face-to-face courses. The sum of the results obtained constitutes the final grade. 
In the second session, the exam is a MCQ or a take-home exam that covers all the material covered in the course.
Online resources
The student must register on Moodle to have access to the texts to be read and to deposit the documents and comments requested for the evaluations.
Teaching materials
  • Des powerpoints et une farde de lecture placés sur Moodle
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Master [120] in Criminology