Real and Intellectual Law

ldroi1306  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Real and Intellectual Law
5.00 credits
45.0 h + 10.0 h
Bernard Nicolas (compensates Durant Isabelle); Cassiers Vincent (compensates Durant Isabelle); Durant Isabelle;
Main themes
The course is mainly dedicated to the study of the different real laws such as they are envisaged by book II of the Civil Code. The following subjects are studied : possession ; ownership law and distinction between real estate and personal property ; landed property ; co-property ; real divided property usufruct and laws ; neighbourhood problems ; essential principles pertaining to debt pursuit laws. In addition, the course includes an introduction to the principal laws on intellectual rights. Lectures which may, if necessary, be completed depending on course needs by other pedagogical methods. The syllabus must be provided at the beginning of the course semester, as from the second year of the nomination of the lecturer. 10 hours of compulsory practical exercises to help the student develop a practical approach to the subject. The sessions are prepared by the student whose course input is evaluated by the assistant. The course lecturer will, in agreement with the president of the department, be attentive to the coherence and adequation between the practical exercises and the lectures, including their contribution to the evaluation. * The practical exercises are not accessible to students doing the minor in Law.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 This course ensures that the student has a basic training in property law. The student must have understood and assimilated the juridical notions and rules governing the subject matter and must be able to apply them correctly to concrete situations. The course also aims to develop a critical perception of the content covered.
Teaching materials
  • Slides PowerPoint de Vincent Cassiers mis à disposition des étudiants sur Moodle
  • N. BERNARD, Le droit des biens après la réforme de 2020 (avec la collaboration de V. Defraiteur), Limal, Anthemis, 2020
  • un recueil de décisions de justice
  • un powerpoint reprenant le plan du cours, les articles de loi et les références aux décisions de justice
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Bachelor in Law

Master [120] in Management [Double degree Management-Law : for management graduates]