Biomedical Ethics

lfilo2202  2022-2023  Charleroi

Biomedical Ethics
5.00 credits
30.0 h
This course is an introduction to the contemporary discussion of biomedical ethics, including the ethics of medical practice and the ethics of medical and biochemical research. We will explore classic concepts of medical ethics (confidentiality, paternalism, autonomy) and biomedical research (informed consent, competence of patients). These discussions will be structured by several examples, both classic (euthanasia, abortion) and modern (stem cells, gene editing). Several meetings will also be dedicated to questions of the relationship between medicine and society (distribution of healthcare resources, production of new drugs). The course is accessible to students regardless of their level of training in the life sciences; we will present and discuss the necessary fundamentals of contemporary biology.
The final projects of the students will explore a case study in the world of contemporary health and raise, discuss, and evaluate its ethical dimensions.
Teaching methods
Weekly seminar combining a lecture from the professor and extensive discussion with and between the students.
Evaluation methods
A final paper (60%) and a final exam (40%).
In the August session, a written exam (100%).
Online resources
All readings and the course syllabus are available on the website of Pr. Pence (in French):
(voir ressources en ligne ci-dessus)
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