Seminar on Theoretical Philosophy

lfilo2930  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Seminar on Theoretical Philosophy
10.00 credits
22.5 h
From science to metaphysics? Reflections on the use of scientific knowledge and practices to propose an ontology of the natural world
How to articulate metaphysical and scientific reflection is not a trivial question[1]. However, many researchers develop such a project in the hope of overcoming the methodological limits of metaphysics as well as those of science. In this seminar we will look at some of these attempts and assess how successful they are in achieving their goals.
[1] On this subject, see Guay, Alexandre, and Thomas Pradeu. 2020. “Right out of the Box: How to Situate Metaphysics of Science in Relation to Other Metaphysical Approaches.” Synthesis 197 (5): 1847–66.
Teaching methods
One 2-hour session per week throughout the second term. The seminar will conclude with a two-day workshop where all doctoral and master's students will present their research. During this workshop, some external researchers will be invited to present a conference. It seems essential to us that students practice presenting their work in a context close to practice.
The seminar will be held in French. However, a solid passive knowledge of English is necessary since much of the literature on the subject is in this language. An active knowledge of English is desirable since it would be preferable, although not mandatory, to present in English during the workshop.
Evaluation methods
Active participation in seminar sessions.
A personal research work on the theme.
Presentation of this work during the workshop
Other information
Online resources
See course Moodle website.
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