Approches psycho-socio-pédagogiques de l'enseignement supérieur: questions approfondies

lfopc2100  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Approches psycho-socio-pédagogiques de l'enseignement supérieur: questions approfondies
12.00 credits
60.0 h
Q1 and Q2
The three main content areas will be developed each year around central topics, which may vary from one year to the other. Each topic will be focused on a few basic questions and will aim, starting from the description of the participants' experiences and practices in the field, to carry out a systematic analysis of these with regard to theoretical analysis frameworks and educational research and to reflect on the implications for practices.
The 14 competences of the CAPAES Decree are the key reference for the whole CAPAES programme.
Teaching methods
The different modules of this teaching unit will be carried out by the different co-teachers. They will alternate between readings to be carried out, collective activities within the audience, moments of discussion and interaction with the teachers, and lectures.
Three classroom sessions will be organised at key moments in the process, allowing for the preparation of the analysis of the DAP, in order to allow for a better understanding of the necessary articulation between theories and practice, as well as to allow for a better understanding of the issues involved.
Evaluation methods
The assessment procedures are specific to the programme in which students are registered.
Students of the Master in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (EDUC2MC) will have to demonstrate that they have achieved the objectives of this course, through the integration of theoretical and reflective analysis, which will be the subject of a written report to be submitted in the session in which they register.
In order to validate their course, each CAPAES student must have thoroughly studied the themes offered (socio-political axis, psycho-relational axis and psycho-pedagogical axis).  It is within the framework of the portfolio that the mastery and integration of the theoretical references taught in the course will be assessed for the analysis of their professional pathway and their DAP. The assessment criteria are specified in the documentation provided on the Moodle platform.
Other information
This course is aimed at two audiences: candidates for the CAPAES programme (teachers in HE or EPS) and students enrolled in the Master of specialisation in higher education teaching and learning (EDUC2MC).
Online resources
All  bibliographical references, by topic, and course materials are available to students at the Moodle plateform, of the programme CAPAES :
Une liste de références bibliographiques, par thématique abordée, est mentionnée sur le site Moodle du cours.
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Advanced Master in University and Higher Education Pedagogy (shift schedule)

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