Learning and written language disorders

llogo1318  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Learning and written language disorders
4.00 credits
45.0 h
Van Reybroeck Marie; Waroquier Alice (compensates Van Reybroeck Marie);
This course focuses on learning to read and write and learning disabilities. The course addresses the current scientific knowledge on the cognitive processes involved in reading and writing development.
Learning to read and write
  • prerequisites (oral language, phonological awareness, etc.)
  • learning to read (written words identification and reading comprehension)
  • learning to write (lexical and grammatical spelling and text production)
  • teaching methods for learning to read and write
Learning disabilities
  • Causal model of dyslexia (behavioural, cognitive and biological – neural – levels)
  • Links between oral and written troubles
  • Psycho-affective aspects
  • Interventions with children with learning disabilities
Teaching methods
ex cathedra course; short exercises of appropriation in session
Evaluation methods
The modalities for the evaluation are as follows: written exam counting for 20 points/20, including MCQs, as well as open questions. There are no negative points for multiple choice questions.
Online resources
  • The course material includes slides and articles.
Teaching materials
  • The course material includes slides and articles.
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Bachelor in Psychology and Education : Speech and Language Therapy