Diversity Management

llsms2071  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Diversity Management
5.00 credits
30.0 h
  • Management humain
Main themes
The main themes discussed in this course are :
  • Different forms of diversity in the workplace (studied from a management, sociological, demographic, legal, economic and historic perspective)
  • The origins of diversity management and related concepts (equal opportunities, positive discrimination, …)
  • The relationship between diversity and performance through ‘the business case of diversity’
  • Diversity management practices and policies
A critical perspective towards ‘diversity management’
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

  • Master a body of knowledge in the domain of human resource management in organizations that is grounded in multiple disciplines
  • Master the conceptual and methodological tools necessary to understand the workings of diversity, its effects and its management in the workplace
  • Analyze contemporary HRM practices and their differential impact on employees with various socio-demographic identities
  • Master the basic techniques to consult existing organizations on how to improve/install their approach towards the management of diversity
  • Reflect critically on organizations’ current approach to diversity management and the implications this has for the wellbeing and career opportunities of ‘diverse’ employees
This course is based on the following preliminary agenda:
  • Introduction to the course and explanation of the group assignment
  • What is diversity and inclusion (D&I)?
  • D&I practices
  • Zoom-in on work-related gender issues
  • Zoom-in on work-related age issues
  • Zoom-in on work-related race & ethnicity issues
  • Zoom-in on work-related LGBTQ+ issues
  • Zoom-in on work-related health & disability issues
  • Introduction to crafting a well-written research paper
  • Discussing first findings of group assignment with buddy groups
  • Guest lecture 1 and 2
  • Tips on how to make a poster and final Q&A
  • Oral presentation in front of expert panel
Teaching methods
  • Lectures
  • Guest lecture by invited speaker
  • Coaching sessions
  • Group work
Evaluation methods
Continuous evaluation: For this course, students are required to make a group assignment in the form of a case study, in which they apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course. The group assignment will be evaluated based on an oral examination and a written report.
Those students who fail the course in the first period, will be required to individually improve the group assignment in the second period and will have to individually and orally defend the new outcome.
Online resources
  • This course consists of slides, book chapters and scientific articles from top-tier management journals.
Teaching materials
  • https://moodle.uclouvain.be/ (code LLSMS2071)
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