Intervention patterns in education and developement

lpsp1302  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Intervention patterns in education and developement
4.00 credits
30.0 h
The course consists of presenting interventions that are representative of what psychologists do in the fields of education and development and encouraging students to take a critical look at these types of interventions. This year, the interventions presented will focus on the following themes: vocational guidance, support for study success, early school leaving, professional integration, learning and development at work, illitteracy, sensibilisation and active aging.
Teaching methods
The course will take the form of interactive presentations with illustrations and presentations by experts and/or field actors.
Evaluation methods
The assessment will be done by means of a written examination. The students will have to pass an exam consisting of a "multiple choice and multiple answer questionnaire" part covering all the material seen in the course and an "open questions" part. The QRM part is worth 12/20 in the final mark and the QO part is worth 8/20. During the cours, various activities will allow students to prepare for the assessment.
Session 2: same as session 1
Other information
This course assumes that the student has mastered the content of LPSP1206 Psychology of Education, LPSP1213 Development, Environment, Culture and LPSP1203 Psychology of Disability Situations, or its equivalent.
Online resources
The slideshows used during the lessons and a reading portfolio are available on moodle.
Teaching materials
  • Texts sur moodle and powerpoints
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Bachelor in Psychology and Education: General