Final project

lpsp9001  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Final project
9.00 credits
45.0 h + 20.0 h
Q1 and Q2
An activity throughout the Bachelor's degree, which aims to ...
  • Enabling students to gain a better understanding of themselves
  • Developing the methodology of university work to make an informed choice of courses, options and internships
  • Opening up to the professional field of psychology and educational sciences to create a personal professional project

Throughout the three years of the Bachelor programme, the realisation of a portfolio by each student - in which he/she gathers productions associated with the activities carried out - allows him/her to develop his/her study project (identification of his/her wishes and training needs) and his/her professional plan (representation of the professional sectors, of the professions of psychology and educational sciences and of the skills associated with these professions).
LPSP9001A: In BAC1, the "Projet de formation" proposes :
- different workshops focused on academic integration at university (e.g. university work methodology, literature research, plagiarism, use of current softwares, mind-mapping techniques, time management, workshops on emotion regulation, etc.);
- different activities to be carried out for a first contact with the subjects taught in the Bachelor programme in psychology and education;
- various activities and meetings with professionals in psychology and education, for a first introduction to the profession (participation in "career events", etc.).
LPSP9001B: In Block 2, the "Projet de formation" offers to deepen the personal reflection of one's professional and training plans by means of  main activities: the discovery of the psychologist job, the documentary research and the immersion activity.
LPSP9001C: In Block 3, the "Projet de formation" must allow students to integrate the contributions of the different activities carried out in order to draw up their own training plan (choice of internship and option in the Master's programme) that is consistent with their professional project.
Several activities are proposed to the students (CV workshop, "job interview" workshop, information on internships and the Master's programme, etc.).
Teaching methods
The teaching unit "Projet de formation" is offered in all three blocks of the Bachelor degree in Psychological and Educational Sciences : general orientation.
Each year offers a set of pedagogical activities to students, some of which are compulsory, others optional.
Some sessions are organised collectively.
Most of the other activities are organised in groups of about twenty students, supervised by an assistant, and alternate moments of discussion, presentations and exchanges on the topics discussed.
Evaluation methods
Each part of LPSP9001A, LPSP9001B and LPSP9001C has specific assessment procedures.
Details of the assessment procedures can be found on the MOODLE website for the course, together with the definition of the assessment criteria.
As the teaching unit continues throughout the two terms, there are two assessed parts to the course, each of which constitutes a part of the final grade.
This final grade for the LPSP9001A EU obtained at the end of the two terms integrates the two partial grades, according to their weighting indicated below:
  • Group oral presentation on the students' ability to analyze an everyday life situation by mobilizing notions of scientific psychology : partial grade for Q1 work to be recorded in the January session, which will be worth 40% of the final grade;
  • Individual and reflective synthesis work based on the portfolio to be finalized at the end of Q2 : partial grade, which will be worth 60% of the final grade.
As the course is run throughout the two terms, a partial assessment is to be carried out in the January session and another in the June session (50% of the final mark):
  • Oral presentation and written work of the documentary research activity (50%)
  • Oral presentation and written work of the activity aiming to discover the psychologist profession (50%)
The final grade for the course "Projet de formation" 9001b will only be awarded when the three activities that make up the course (documentary research activity, interview activity and immersion activity) have been completed by the student in the same academic year and according to the modalities presented on Moodle.
Assessment based on the oral presentation of the student's project for the next stage of his/her career (studies or employment)
- Demonstrate the coherence and richness of their project according to their assets
- Make links between the activities carried out to build a coherent personal project (the portfolio can support the statements)
The assessment focuses on the thinking behind the project (not the project as such) and the way the student defends it.
Due to the pandemic situation, some students had special programmes (including some activities postponed from Block 2). The special conditions granted to them still apply (see the Moodle site for details).
Online resources
The course Moodle websites (LPSP9001A, LPSP9001B, LPSP9001C) are essential.
All activities and timetables are posted on the site.
All course materials are also posted on the site, as well as instructions for the assessment procedures for each session or part.
Participation in the activities requires registration, which is done on the site.
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