Psychology of multiculturalism and diversity

lpsys2203  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Psychology of multiculturalism and diversity
5.00 credits
45.0 h
On the one hand, the various aspects of "acculturation" will be addressed: enculturation of people in an immigration situation, consideration of identities (ethnic, linguistic, class and socio-economic), examination of the variability of trajectories and of the factors influencing the adjustment of individuals and groups at the psychological and social levels. On the other hand, the processes of managing diversity (intercultural relations, communication and training) and non-discrimination in a wide range of social contexts, including organisational and professional settings (e.g. colour-blind and multicultural perspectives) will be considered.
Teaching methods
The teaching will take place in several formats: lectures and flipped classroom courses
Evaluation methods
The MRQ (Multiple Response Questions) exam consists of 30 items with 4 answer options of which 1 or more are correct. One point is awarded if all correct options are chosen and no incorrect options are chosen. No points are awarded if there is no answer, or if not all the correct options have been chosen, or if one or more incorrect options have been chosen.
The evaluation will be the same for all sessions.
Other information
The course is compulsory for students in the social option but also for master students in human resource management.
No prerequisites are required for the course, however, those who have not taken the LAC2 course: Social Psychology and Cultural and Multicultural Psychology are advised to familiarise themselves with one of the following books:
Social Psychology by Vincent Yzerbyt and Olivier Klein (2019) published by De Boeck, Louvain-la-Neuve
Cultural Psychology by Steven Heine (2012) published by Norton, New York
This course is given in an “English-friendly” format. For details, please see below.
  • The course is given in French, but a set of English slides is available for international students: no
  • The core reading for the course is in French, but equivalent core reading is available for international students in English: yes
The standard exam is a written exam in French. However, international students taking this course:
  • Will be allowed to use a dictionary when taking the written exam in French
  • Are provided with the opportunity to take an alternative oral exam in English
Online resources
Slides presented during the course (compulsory; see Moodle) + book by Serge Guimond (compulsory; see library - an electronic version is available) + book chapters and scientific articles (compulsory; see Moodle)
Guimond, S. (2019). Les politiques de diversité: Antidote à l'intolérance et à la radicalisation. Bruxelles: Mardaga.
Teaching materials
  • Guimond, S. (2019). Les politiques de diversité: Antidote à l'intolérance et à la radicalisation. Bruxelles: Mardaga.
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