Theological Ethics. Advanced Course II

ltheo2162  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Theological Ethics. Advanced Course II
4.00 credits
30.0 h

This biannual learning unit is being organized in 2022-2023
Main themes
To reach the aims, the course will propose the study of a special topic or of an author (philosopher or theologian) through a specific problematic, with insistence on a speculative and fundamental approach.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 explain the results of a research on a fundamental ethical question connected with theology;
2 evaluate with a critical approach some philosophical and theological texts about morality.
The course will study the notion of autonomy in ethics. It will expose its historical and speculative background with the positions of Kant, Tillich and Auer, the conciliar teaching and the post-conciliar developments on this notion. It will tackle the relevance of this concept, its strength and its limits, to develop a contemporary theological ethics.
Teaching methods
The method is primarily taught by the lectures with moment of discussion.
Evaluation methods
Oral examination on the course or on the written work on the notion of autonomy in theological ethics.
The attendance to the lectures is obligatory.
Faculty or entity

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Master [60] in Theology

Master [120] in Theology