Labour law

ltrav2210  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Labour law
5.00 credits
30.0 h
Main themes
Introduction to the notions and sources of social legislation: the employment contract (formation, obligations on the parties, and suspending and breaking the contract), employment regulation (e.g. hours, annual holidays and protected pay), and a brief overview of social security. The course will quickly sketch the elements of the legal status of organisations (companies, professional asso-ciations and not-for-profit organisations), and will outline the law on bankruptcy with a view to situating the actors in employment relations. It will also identify the broad principles of law and the hierarchy of law, and will provide indications as to legal sources.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 This course aims to introduce students to a legal approach to labour issues, and enable them to understand the mechanisms of labour law and offer a basic knowledge to people hoping to find jobs that will require an under-standing of labour law.
Other information
This course forms part of a study programme that takes place in the evenings and on Saturday mornings
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