Méthodologie du conseil

mgehc2160  2022-2023  Charleroi

Méthodologie du conseil
3.00 credits
7.5 h + 7.5 h
Main themes
"Communication" part
  • Levels of learning
  • Presuppositions of communication
  • The communication process
  • Communication filters (reality is subjective and multiple)
    • sensory
    • linguistic (the NLP meta model:Generalisations, distortions, omissions)
  • Active listening (listening, specific questioning and rephrasing)
  • Non-verbal language
    • Index computations
    • The Mehrabian model
  • decoding
  • synchronisation
  • consistency
  • Human relationships or transactions
    • The 3 Ego-states  TA (Parent/Adult/Child)
    • The TA life positions (OK/OK)
    • The TA Drama Triangle (Victim / Persecutor / Rescuer) and the Winner's Triangle (Assertive, Caring, Vulnerable)
  • The definition of objectives
  • Diagram depicting effective communication
"Drafting technique" part
  • Role and tasks of the tax consultant
  • Research methods
  • Drafting and structuring written advice
  • Project management basics
  • Characteristics of the client/consultant relationship
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 On completion of this course, students will be able:
  • to actively communicate with the client in the context of a consultation
  • to interpret the client's unspoken and nonverbal communication
  • to draw up a written consultation on complex issues which is pertinent, documented and secure in terms of liability
Teaching methods
  • Theoretical references: Neurolinguistic programming, Transactional Analysis, the Palo Alto School 
  • Role plays
Evaluation methods
Oral or written examination
  • 'Selling Professional Services' ' Charles H. Green
  • " The Relationship is the Customer' ' Charles H. Green
  • ' Do you Really Want Relationship' ' David Maister
  • 'The Consultant Role' ' David Maister
  • 'The Trusted Advisor' ' David Maister
Faculty or entity

Programmes / formations proposant cette unité d'enseignement (UE)

Title of the programme
Learning outcomes
Master [120] in Management (shift Schedule 2)

Executive certificate in Accounting (Level 2)