Travail expérimental de recherche en sciences pharmaceutiques (1re partie)

wfarm2171  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Travail expérimental de recherche en sciences pharmaceutiques (1re partie)
6.00 credits

  This learning unit is not open to incoming exchange students!

During Block 1 of the Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences, the student opting for the in-depth finality (student-researcher) will carry out a research project in a laboratory under the guidance of a sponsor. The objectives of this research immersion are as follows
- To learn the scientific process
- To formulate a scientific question, a working hypothesis
- Develop the means to answer it, design an experimental plan or a data collection strategy
- Carry out experiments / collect data
- Analyse and criticise the results
- Validate, amend the initial hypothesis
- Putting the results into perspective and continuing
Teaching methods
Laboratory immersion course throughout the academic year as soon as the course schedule allows it. Presentation of the research work, including the context and the questions raised during the work, the strategy and means used to answer the questions, the results obtained and their perspective.
Evaluation methods
The grade assesses the quality of the experimental laboratory work or data collection for clinical projects.
The score is awarded by the sponsor on the basis of the following criteria
a) understanding of the techniques, their possibilities, limitations
b) mastery of techniques, quality of experimental work or data collection
c) critical thinking about the results
d) involvement in the work: amount of work done, autonomy
e) research in the literature
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