Analyse des médicaments issus des biotechnologies

wfarm2266  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Analyse des médicaments issus des biotechnologies
3.00 credits
22.5 h
Bindels Laure; Muccioli Giulio (coordinator);
Like chemically synthesized drugs, biotechnology-derived drugs require quality control before they can be marketed.
In this course, the teachers will address the following concepts:
  • How to determine, depending on the nature of the substance (e.g. peptide, enzyme, vaccine, antibody, etc.), the structure and concentration of a biotechnology drug.
  • How to evaluate the activity of a biotechnology drug in the context of quality control. 
  • What factors can affect the stability of these drugs and how to study this stability.
Teaching methods
The teachers will approach the key concepts by using concrete examples. A part of the course will give the students the opportunity to approach the issue of the analysis of biotechnological drugs through more personal (bibliographical) research.
Evaluation methods
The evaluation will consist of a personal integration work presented orally. 
La pharmacopée européenne offre de nombreux exemples d’analyse de médicaments issus des biotechnologies.
Teaching materials
  • une version des supports présentés est disponible sur moodle
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