Formes pharmaceutiques et biodisponibilité

wfarm2506  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Formes pharmaceutiques et biodisponibilité
3.00 credits
22.5 h
This course addresses the problem of oral absorption and the design of pharmaceutical formulations responding to pharmacokinetic and pharmacutical challenges.
Teaching methods
Interactive lectures deepening the basic principles of oral dosage formulations, the bioavailability of drugs and the bioequivalence of formulations are offered to students.
For seminars, students will be supervised by a teacher to prepare a presentation on a scientific article related to the formulation and oral bioavailability of a drug.
Evaluation methods
Students will be assessed through the critical analysis of a scientific article related to the course. The choice of the article is made by the student with the approval of at least one of the two teachers. The presentation is made with a power point support (or equivalent) in front of the other students enrolled in the EU. Each student will also be asked to evaluate the work of their peers.
The grade awarded to the student will be weighted as follows:
- 50% of the score will reflect the quality of the content of the presentation
- 25% will assess the quality of the answer to the questions
- 25% will relate to the presentation itself (quality of the slides, eloquence of the student ...)
Teaching materials
  • Dias powerpoint disponibles sur moodle
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