Stage en laboratoire (1re partie)

wsbim2197  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Stage en laboratoire (1re partie)
19.00 credits
During this activity, the student is integrated for several months in a research laboratory in biomedical sciences. He will carry out the first part of an original research project, which will be continued during the laboratory research internship part 2 (WSBIM2297).
Teaching methods
The student will be followed by his internship promoter, for the realization of the experimental project and the writing of the scientific report.
Evaluation methods
The skills acquired in the methodology and the experimental approach are evaluated, on the basis of a scientific report written by the student and an oral defense.
Other information
Access to this professional integration activity is subject to conditions (see regulations of the School of Biomedical Sciences).
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Master [120] in Biomedicine