Listening comprehension and oral expression: specialised German oral exercises - Part 1

lalle2710  2023-2024  Louvain-la-Neuve

Listening comprehension and oral expression: specialised German oral exercises - Part 1
3.00 credits
30.0 h
Rinder Ann (coordinator);
B2 level of listening and speaking (Common European Framework for languages).
Main themes
Financial, political and bank world.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

At the end of this master the students have reached oral communication skills in German for the business world
  • level C1 minimum (for listening comprehension) and
  • B2+ (for oral expression and interactive communication)
of the European Reference Framework.
  • Students are confronted with different kinds of audio and video fragments (monologues, dialogues, formal/informal register, different accents) in order to improve the level of the listening comprehension (the material is especially focused on fragments dealing with the business world).
  • Improvement of their speaking skills (particularly in a business environment) through a variety of oral exercises.
Teaching methods
  • Global and analytical listening comprehension.
  • Vocabulary explanation, vocabulary exercises, oral exercises based on the themes treated.
  • Speaking skills for the world of enterprise : the debate, the business meeting, the presentation, the interview.
  • In class and/or online lessons
Evaluation methods
Several marks come into account for the final assessment :
  • Final mark: 60% test in week 14 (oral exam (about topics, audios and tandem) 30%, vocabulary exam 15% and listening comprehension 15%) and 40% continuous assessment (differents tasks and tests, details are on moodle).
  • In order to obtain a mark for the continuous assessment regular classattendance is required
  • In September, there is no mark for the continuous assessment.
    Written examen 40% (vocabulary 20%, listening 20%), presentation (20 minutes) 20% and oral examen (40%) (about topics, audios and tandem .
These exam and teaching modalities could be transposed to online teaching and learning according to the evolution of the health situation.
Other information
The teacher is available during his·her office hours and can be contacted by e-mail.
Teaching materials
  • syllabus du cours sur moodle
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