Metabolic biochemistry - lectures and lab

lchm1371b  2023-2024  Louvain-la-Neuve

Metabolic biochemistry - lectures and lab
4.00 credits
30.0 h + 15.0 h
To follow this course, it is necessary to master the knowledge and skills developed in the course LCHM1271
Main themes
Main themes to cover :
1. Introduction to metabolism
2. Bioenergetics
3. Biochemical transport phenomenon

Main metabolic ways :
1. Glycolysis and hexose catabolism
2. Metabolism of glycogen and glyconeogenesis
3. Oxidation of fatty acids and biosynthesis of lipids
4. Krebs cycle
5. Electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation
6. Metabolism of amino acids, nucleotides and linked molecules.
Main ways of regulation.

The exercises are divided into two complementary parts :
One, followed in the case of CHIM BAC, consists of practical work on a specific question in biochemistry.
The other, for all, consists of preparing, presenting and discussing, in groups, a question linked to a biochemical problem, but voluntarily carrying onto other disciplines of life sciences.
Please look to LCHM1371 for all information concerning this course.
Teaching methods
The skills targeted by the course will be developed using lectures. 
Laboratory sessions are for chemistry and biology students, and not for students in veterinary science.
Group projects are mandatory for all.
Evaluation methods
For all students (chemists, biologists and veterinarians), evaluation includes :
1. A written exam that will take place during the June exam session. The exam can include questions requiring precise / short answers, theoretical developments or problem solving. Exam questions are presented in both French and English. Answers in either language are eqaully accepted and there is no preference for one language over the other.
2. Group work, which can include a group presentation. The evaluation for the group will take place during the normal class hours. Group work can be prepared in French or English. 
For chemistry and biology students evaulation includes :
3. A lab report following the participation and completion of laboratory sessions. The evaluation will take place during the normal term. The lab report can also be prepared in French or English.
Online resources
Slideshows are available via the moodle platform based on current literature and the two textbooks listed (these are not required by the students)
  • Lehninger Principles of biochemistry 7th edition
  • Voet & Voet Biochemistry 4th Edition
Le cours ne fait appel à aucun support particulier qui serait payant et jugé obligatoire. Les manuels ci-dessus sont recommandés (mais pas obligatoires) sur une base facultative pour un apprentissage plus approfondi
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