Private international law

ldroi2102  2023-2024  Louvain-la-Neuve

Private international law
6.00 credits
45.0 h + 4.0 h
Main themes
The course focuses on conflicts of jurisdictions and on conflicts of laws. It is divided into two parts. On the one hand, it describes general theoretical notions, the understanding of which is necessary to solve practical problems. On the other hand, it analyzes rules prevailing in each area of private law.
Private International Law addresses the specific questions raised by private situations with an international character. A private situation (contract, marriage, family relationship, accident, inheritance …) may present one or several international connections (nationality or localization of the parties, place of execution of contract, migration of the family, localization of one movable or immovable asset …) which will trigger specific questions that do not need to be addressed in purely internal matters: In which jurisdiction should the dispute be decided? Which law should be applied? How should a foreign judgment or authentic instrument be enforced in Belgium?
The teaching of private international law is divided into 2 parts.
The first part (so called : general part) introduces the fundamental theoretical and methodological aspects of this field of law. The specific questions and methods of private international law are identified, as well as their foundations and the transversal difficulties in their implementation.
The second part covers the legal framework in force in regard of the specific setting of an international situation: contracts, torts, family issue, property … Rules of private international law in force in these various fields are identified and applied in practical cases, as well as analyzed in a critical approach. Students are asked to deal with practical situations. 
Teaching methods
See the Moodle website. The teaching method may be adapted depending on the sanitary situation.
Evaluation methods
Written exam. See the Moodle website
Online resources
See the Moodle website. Documents, ppt and videos are posted online.
Teaching materials
  • Code de droit international privé (Larcier)
  • Droit international privé. Recueil de jurisprudence
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