Italian literature and civilization: the nineteenth century

lrom1372  2023-2024  Louvain-la-Neuve

Italian literature and civilization: the nineteenth century
5.00 credits
22.5 h + 15.0 h
LFIAL1175, LROM1170
Main themes
The course offers students an interdisciplinary presentation of Italian literature, history and history of art from the Enlightenment to the 19th century. From the linguistic point of view, students will revise and deepen their notions of grammar and will develop their speaking skills.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 - Basic course;
- This course aims to introduce students to the great authors from Romanticism to the present and to develop their literary sensibility.
Students will discover the literary and artistic masterpieces of the late 19th century. This period was marked in the peninsula by the development of a national consciousness. This was first transformed into a movement for liberation and 'resurrection', the Risorgimento, and came to completion with unification (1861). The main authors to be covered are Metastasio, Carducci, Leopardi, Manzoni, Verga, Boito. Students will learn about the most important political, artistic and philosophical movements of the period, as well as its most important events.
In the practical sessions, students will read the literary texts that marked the nineteenth century in both the literary field and in political life. As part of this reading, students will make use of the theoretical knowledge of literary analysis acquired in the preceding years.
In the tutorial sessions, students will deepen their knowledge of grammar, notably pronominal systems, passive constructions and problems of agreement.
Teaching methods
Formal lectures,
Practical sessions: discussion
Tutorial sessions.
The student must consult the Moodle and Teams platforms dedicated to the course to check the lesson schedule as the course will take place in class, with the exception of two lessons which will take place online.
Evaluation methods
1. Session:
1. part [40%]
  1. Submission of a paper, due at the beginning of the session (40%). 
  2. Written exams on the compulsory readings (October 26 and 12 December 2022).
Students are required to obtain 10 out of 20  (research paper and exams) to access the oral exams.
2. part [60%]
  1. An oral exam on the theoretical and literary contents of the lecture and the practical work (40%)
  2. A course examination on the contents of the linguistic tutoring (20%).
2. Session: 
  1. Submission of a paper, due at the beginning of the session (40%).
    Students who have not handed in their paper by the first day of the session will not be allowed to take the oral exam.
  2. An oral exam on the theoretical and literary contents of the lecture and the practical work (40%)
  3. Examination of the contents of the linguistic tutoring (20%).
Other information
This course is taught in italian.
Pendant le cours et en vue de l'examen final, l'étudiant devra étudier les textes suivants :
-  les supports de cours (présentation power point, syllabus, etc.)
- l'étudiant achètera une bonne édition dei Promessi sposi di Alessandro Manzoni
- Giulio FERRONI, Profilo storico della letteratura italiana, Einaudi Scuola., Torino, 1998 , 2 vol. (le professeur indiquera pendant le cours les pages à étudier).
- L'étudiant est amené à utiliser les histoires de la littérature italienne et d'autres ouvrages de consultation qui se trouvent en bibliothèque et en ligne (Jstor, etc.).
Teaching materials
  • Introduction to literary analysis - MOODLE
  • Reader (Italian History, Literature of the 19th Century).
  • Syllabus of literary texts
  • I promessi sposi
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Minor in Literary Studies

Bachelor in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : General

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