Seminar : Study of teaching language methods

lrom2930  2023-2024  Louvain-la-Neuve

Seminar : Study of teaching language methods
5.00 credits
15.0 h
Main themes
The seminar aims to enforce the critical reflexion, to stimulate the production of tools, to encourage the sharing of practical experiences and theoretical information.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 Analysis of school practices in didactic of languages. One examines critically and accurately the observed practices (films, copies of students, recordings) and one diagnoses the results of a method or verbal lesson to express assumptions on the means to be used for allowing progress.
In 2022-2023, the seminar will focus on the practices of evaluation of written and oral production in French as a foreign language: theoretical introduction, the different modalities of evaluation, the descriptors of the CEFR, the analysis of production instructions and evaluation support.
Teaching methods
The seminar aims to develop a reflective knowledge about language and intercultural learning by the language (auto)biographies.
Evaluation methods
Continuous assessment (35%)
  •   Active participation in sessions (5%)
  •   Two group oral presentations (30%)
Continuous assessment tasks may not be submitted after the deadline set by the teacher, except in the case of a medical certificate. No continuous assessment tasks may be submitted during the August session.
Final group assessment (65%) :
  • Oral presentation with written support at end of term (25%)
  • Written assignment due at the beginning of the session (40%)
Failure to attend the final oral presentation and/or to submit the final written assignment will result in an absence grade for the entire course.
Generative artificial intelligence (AI) must be used responsibly and in accordance with the practices of academic and scientific integrity.
Other information
Online resources
La liste bibliographique est disponible sur le site Moodle du cours.
A bibliographical list is available on the Moodle website.
Teaching materials
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