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Specific Admission Requirements

Specific Admission Requirements


Admission conditions

First part
• The applicant must hold the degree title of Doctor in Medecine or be a Doctor from a member country of the European Union authorising medical practice in Belgium.
• Further to the royal decree of 16th March, 1999, the applicant must be in possession of a document attesting that, at the end of the selection exams, he was retained as a specialist candidate in Internal Medecine, in a Belgian medical faculty. The juridical context and practical procedures for this selection exam can be obtained from the secretary's office. Degree holders from outside the European Union are only allowed to register on the programme in the context of procuring a
university certificate for partially specialised training for the duration of two years (if they are in the process of doing a specialisation in their country of origin) or for an in-depth specialised training course for the duration of one year (if they are already recognised as specialists in their own country).

The Royal Decree of the 30.05.2002, relating to the planning of the medical offer for the public, published on the 14.06.2002, applies to those candidates wishing to obtain the title of Specialist Doctor in Internal medecine (those candidates are thus counted among the general practitioner candidates or specialists in the context of the numerus clausus).

Second part
• the candidate must have satisfied the requirements of the first part of the degree course of specialised studies in Internal Medecine.

Admission procedures
Applications for admission must be addressed to the academic supervisor. The organisation of the entrance selection tests is arranged in accordance with the calendar and the general examination rules and regulations.