Core courses [30.0]

gest2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

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Annual block
  1 2

Mandatory LLSMD2901 Final Master's Thesis     18 credits 1 + 2q   x
Mandatory LLSMD2094 Master's Thesis Seminar   Chantal de Moerloose
30h  2 credits 1 + 2q   x
Mandatory Internship (10 credits)
Optionnal LLSMD2915 Internship and familiarization seminar to the world of work  

internship only during the second term

Patrice Gobert
, Pierre Meurens
30h  10 credits   x
Optionnal LLSMD2916 International Internship with coaching  

Only for IB students

Christophe Lejeune
30h  10 credits 2q   x
Optionnal Cours au choix (à la place du stage) pour les étudiants CPME (10 credits)

The CPME student who does not wish to do an internship must choose 2 courses from the list below:  

Optionnal LLSMX2001 Regenerative Economy   Yves De Rongé
, Emmanuel Mossay
30h  5 credits 1q   x
Optionnal LLSMS2014 Entrepreneurial Finance (in English)   Axel Funhoff
, Philippe Grégoire
30h  5 credits 1q   x
Optionnal LFSA2212 Innovation classes  

course available only after selection

Benoît Macq
, Jean-Pierre Raskin
, Benoît Raucent
30h+15h  5 credits 1q   x
Optionnal LSST1001 IngénieuxSud   Jean-Pierre Raskin
15h+45h  5 credits 1 + 2q   x
Optionnal LLSMS2080 International Entrepreneurship (in English)  

Course available only after selection

Frank Janssen
30h+30h  5 credits 2q   x
Optionnal LLSMS2081 Strategic Management of Start ups (in English)   Bartholomeus Kamp
, Bryan Toney
30h+30h  5 credits 2q   x
Optionnal LCPME2005 Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship   Frédéric Dufays
30h  5 credits 2q   x