Learning outcomes

min-lmpme100i  2019-2020 

The main objectives of this program are to : 

  • Inform students about issues and aspects of entrepreneurship, including the consideration of corporate social responsibility;
  • Promote entrepreneurship as a potential career path and allow students to position themselves in relation with different profiles of entrepreneurs, to create links between their studies, their personal projects and entrepreneurial potential pathways;
  • Develop / strengthen the capacity for innovation and creativity of students;
  • Equip students for their understanding of the functions of management of SMEs;
  • Develop / strengthen entrepreneurial skills of students through complex situations;

At the end of this program, the student :

  • will be able to read and understand news about SMEs;
  • be able to identify and activate useful resources to launch and manage a business project;
  • will have strengthened his/her creative thinking, constructive and conceptual ability, and mental attitude;
  • will demonstrate an understanding of different phases of the innovation and the articulation of Creativity and Innovation by defending an "idea" creative activity / service;
  • be able to implement a methodological path to assess the potential of a business idea;
  • will be able to identify his/her own entrepreneurial potential (whatever that is) by creating links between him/herself (passions, personal and professional aspirations, etc..), studies (career, knowledge and expertise, training projects), and the world (perspectives and needs of society, markets, brakes and incentives, resources, etc.);
  • will have exercised his/her ability to communicate with students from other disciplines.