Professional Focus [30.0]

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Mandatory Optional
Course not taught in 2020-2021 Periodic course not taught in 2020-2021
Periodic course taught in 2020-2021 Activity with prerequisites
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Annual unit
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Mandatory Content:
Mandatory LBIRA2105 Agricultural and rural policies   Bruno Henry de Frahan
30h  3 credits q1 x  
Mandatory LBIRA2107 Animal production 1   Eric Froidmont
37.5h+7.5h  3 credits q2 x  
Mandatory LBIRA2108A Crop productions : principles   Yannick Agnan
, Pierre Bertin
, Stephan Declerck
, Xavier Draye
22.5h+15h  3 credits q1 x  
Mandatory LBIRA2109 Agrarian systems and farm   Pierre Bertin
30h+0h  3 credits q1 x  
Mandatory LBIRA2110 Modélisation et exploration des données multivariées   Xavier Draye (coord.)
, Frédéric Gaspart
, Bernadette Govaerts
52.5h+22.5h  6 credits q1 x  
Mandatory LBIRA2111 Médecine des plantes   Claude Bragard
, Anne Legrève (coord.)
30h+0h  3 credits q1 x  
Mandatory LBIRA2112 Questions d'actualité (BIRA)   Philippe Baret
22.5h+0h  2 credits q1   x
Mandatory Courses to be chosen for 5 credits

Minimum 5 credits
Mandatory Ethics (2 credits)
The students will opt firstly for the course LTECO2300. Two other choices are also available.
Minimum 2 credits
Optional LTECO2100 Sociétés, cultures, religions : Biblical readings   Hans Ausloos
15h  2 credits q1 x x
Optional LTECO2200 Societies-cultures-religions : Human Questions   Régis Burnet
, Dominique Martens
15h  2 credits q1 or q2 x x
Optional LTECO2300 Societies, cultures, religions : Ethical questions   Marcela Lobo Bustamante
15h  2 credits q1 x x