At Bruxelles Woluwe
12 credits
Customized schedule - In English
Programme acronym: EEDI2FC
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : YES
Activities in English: NO
Activities in other languages : NO
Activities on other sites : YES


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The Faculty of Medicine of UCLouvain launches a new university certificate in “Digestive endosonography”.

The courses are organized from February to June 2020. Lectures will be given at UCLouvain university by a team of Belgian endosonographers and hands-on teaching will be held in Belgianacademic hospitals.

Strengths of the program :
  • A unique training course in Belgium in digestive endosonography
  • A programme preparing to acquire and master the EUS techniques in the management of GI diseases
  • Benefit from the skills and feedback of academic and international experts in EUS

In order to be informed of the opening of registrations, we invite you to complete the interest form below.


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