Master [60] in Philosophy

filo2m1  2020-2021  Louvain-la-Neuve

At Louvain-la-Neuve - 60 credits - 1 year - Day schedule - In french
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES - Internship : NO
Activities in English: optional - Activities in other languages : NO
Activities on other sites : optional
Main study domain : Philosophie
Organized by: Faculté de philosophie, arts et lettres (FIAL)
Programme acronym: FILO2M1 - Francophone Certification Framework: 7


The objective of the master is to provide advanced training in the different fields of philosophy. Its aim is that students will acquire a cultivated critical mind-set, and the ability to carry out objective analyses and synopses which put the factors which must be considered when approaching a question into perspective.

At the end of the master, the students:

  • will have acquired advanced philosophical knowledge;
  • will be able to carry out a critical review of the literature relating to a particular question;
  • will be able to compare and defend philosophical theories.
Your profil


  • hold a bachelor’s degree;
  • have cultivated certain skills in their earlier education (relating to logic, moral philosophy, epistemology, anthropology, metaphysics, social philosophy and aesthetics);
  • have expert knowledge of the history of philosophy.
Your futur job

Our students are employed in a variety of sectors: in politics and diplomacy, in the culture and voluntary sectors, in management, business, industry, journalism and communication.

Your programme

The master 60 in philosophy essentially aims to deepen students’ understanding of the areas studied in the bachelors in philosophy (metaphysics and the history of philosophy, philosophical anthropology, practical philosophy, the philosophy of science and epistemology) while allowing them to direct their attention towards their chosen specialisation by means of a range of electives (practical philosophy, arts and aesthetics, anthropology (cultures and societies), anthropology (identity and intersubjectivity), metaphysics, the philosophy of science.