Programme structure

The program has a duration of 6 years structured in 6 annual blocks.

Two years of the internship relate to general clinical training in an approved internship service with a level 2 professional title mentioned in article 1 of the Royal Decree of 25 November 1991 establishing the list of specific professional titles reserved for practitioners of medical art, including dentistry.

Four years of the internship relate to training in clinical genetics in a human genetics center which has an accreditation as an internship service in clinical genetics.

At least twelve months and at most twenty-four months of this four-year training consist of training in a laboratory linked to the center of human genetics.

The internship is limited to four years of training in clinical genetics in the context where the specialist candidate has already obtained a level 2 qualification within the framework of which he followed, during his training, general clinical training of at least two years in an approved internship service.