Supplementary classes

ling2m  2020-2021  Louvain-la-Neuve

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, they must add supplementary classes at the beginning of their Master’s programme in order to obtain the prerequisites for these studies.

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The programme will be made up according to the student's previous studies (maximum 60 credits).

Mandatory Core subjects (45 credits)
Mandatory LFIAL1156 Computer Applications in the Humanities   Aurore François
15h+15h  3 credits 1q
Mandatory LFIAL1430 Critical Examination of Information and Critical Thinking   Paula Lorelle (compensates Jean Leclercq)
, Laurence Van Ypersele
45h+10h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LFIAL1530 Introduction to Language Science   Philippe Hambye
, Anne-Catherine Simon
30h  3 credits 2q
Mandatory LFIAL1560 General linguistics : semantics and pragmatics   Elisabeth Degand
30h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory LCOMU1121 General Semiotics   Philippe Verhaegen
22.5h  4 credits 2q
Mandatory LFILO1130 Philosophie du langage   Peter Verdée
30h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LLOGO1211 Psychology of language and phonetic   Arnaud Szmalec
, Gilles Vannuscorps
60h  6 credits 1q
Mandatory LPSP1209 Statistics, inference on one or two variables   Bernadette Govaerts
22.5h+15h  4 credits 1q
Mandatory LROM1112 Introduction to the Study of French and Romance Languages and Literature : Trends, Concepts, Methods   Mattia Cavagna
, Jean-Louis Dufays
, Philippe Hambye (coord.)
30h+15h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LROM1221 Linguistics: Variation in Contemporary French   Anne-Catherine Simon
30h+15h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory Optional courses (10 credits)

Depending on their training, students may choose from the courses below for a maximum of 10 credits (maximum of two different languages having formed part of the initial training).  

Optionnal French linguistics
Optionnal LROM1331 Linguistics: Analysis of Language in Context   Mathieu Avanzi (compensates Anne-Catherine Simon)
, Anne Dister (compensates Cédrick Fairon)
, Cédrick Fairon
, Anne-Catherine Simon
45h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal German linguistics
Optionnal LGERM1313 Introduction to German linguistics : phonology and morphology   Joachim Sabel
22.5h+5h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal LGERM1513 Introduction to German linguistics: syntax, semantics and pragmatics   Joachim Sabel
22.5h+5h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal English linguistics
Optionnal LGERM1528 Current issues and trends in English linguistics   Gaëtanelle Gilquin
22.5h+5h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal LGERM1328 Introduction to English linguistics : syntax and stylistics   Gaëtanelle Gilquin
22.5h+5h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal Dutch linguistics
Optionnal LGERM1333 Introduction to Dutch linguistics : phonology and morphology   Philippe Hiligsmann
, Kristel Van Goethem
22.5h+5h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal LGERM1533 Dutch linguistics: syntax   Elisabeth Degand
22.5h+5h  5 credits 2q