Tronc commun [44.0]

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Mandatory Optional
Course not taught in 2020-2021 Periodic course not taught in 2020-2021
Periodic course taught in 2020-2021 Activity with prerequisites
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Annual unit
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Mandatory Tronc commun (44 credits)
Mandatory LLOGO2100 Internship I   325h  14 credits q1 x  
Mandatory LLOGO2101 Internship support seminar   Marie-Pierre de Partz de Courtray
15h+15h  5 credits q1 x  
Mandatory LLOGO2204 Internship II (internship of specialization)   400h  16 credits q1 or q2   x
Mandatory LLOGO2104 Cognitive aging   Stefan Agrigoroaei
22.5h  3 credits q2 x  
Mandatory LLOGO2202 Research methodology and statistics   Nathan Uyttendaele
30h  4 credits q1   x
Mandatory LTECO1230 Societies-cultures-religions : Ethical Questions   Olivier Riaudel
15h  2 credits q2   x
Optional Les étudiants qui le souhaitent peuvent remplacer TECO1230 par un des deux cours suivants
Optional LTECO1210 Societies, cultures, religions : lectures bibliques Biblical Readings   Claude Lichtert (compensates Geert Van Oyen)
15h  2 credits q1   x
Optional LTECO1220 Societies-cultures-religions : Human Questions   Serge Maucq
15h  2 credits q1   x