Supplementary classes

sinf2m1  2020-2021  Louvain-la-Neuve

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, they must add supplementary classes at the beginning of their Master’s programme in order to obtain the prerequisites for these studies.

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Courses for students coming from a short bachelor.These students will have to take at least 105 credits to obtain the master in computer science.

Mandatory LBIR1212 Probabilities and statistics (I)   Patrick Bogaert
30h+15h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory LINFO1114 Mathématiques discrètes   Marco Saerens
30h+15h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LINFO1104 Paradigmes de programmation et concurrence   Peter Van Roy
30h+30h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LINFO1252 Systèmes informatiques   Etienne Riviere
30h+30h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory LINFO1115 Reasoning about a highly connected world: graph theory, game theory and networks   Peter Van Roy
30h+30h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LINFO1123 Calculabilité, logique et complexité   Yves Deville
30h+30h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LEPL1509 Projet 4 (en informatique)   Yves Deville
, Marc Lainez (compensates Yves Deville)
30h+22.5h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LINFO1341 Réseaux informatiques   Olivier Bonaventure
30h+30h  5 credits 2q
Mandatory LINFO1121 Algorithmique et structures de données   Guillaume Derval (compensates Pierre Schaus)
, Pierre Schaus
30h+30h  5 credits 1q