Programme structure

The training course includes full time apprenticeships in recognised services and teaching centres. It lasts for at least five years : 3 years of foundation studies and 2 years of higher studies . During the first 3 years of basic training, the candidate will follow all the courses and take all the exams of the three undergraduate years in Dental Sciences. He will be exempt from doing these if he already a graduate in Dental Sciences, and will, in that case, be authorised to immediately embark on his higher study programme. Besides the theoretical activities and clinical practices, during each one of the five years, the candidate will have to present personally written scientific pieces of work either orally or in writing, before societies or in scientific reviews. All of the candidate's activities will be attested by means of his apprenticeship record report and the "ongoing" evaluation of these will take place twice a year (see below).

The apprenticeship project established by the universitypromoter must be approved by the ministerial validation committee for the speciality. These periods of practical training include being on call.