Mobility and/or Internationalisation outlook

The programme contains many opportunities of an international nature, the most notable of which are the Jacques Leclercq Chair lectures. Each year UCL students can attend lectures, either in French or English, given by researchers of international standing.

In addition, the compulsory 3 to 6 month ethnography study, within the usual programme,  enables students to study abroad if they wish.  However, this study can also be done in Belgium in tandem with other activities in the programme. As far as students who also work are concerned, it may be organized in connection with their job (in Belgium or abroad). Agreements with many different European and North American universities also encourage students to be mobile. (The list of agreements is available from the POLS Department).

The conclusion of agreements with the Council of Universities (Conseil Interuniversitaire de la Communauté française – CIUF and Coopération Universitaire au Développement CUD) to welcome students from the Southern hemisphere to study at UCL will further enrich the programme.

Finally, an international Master is under discussion which would place the UCL Master in a network of excellence in anthropology in collaboration with the universities of Aix en Provence, ULB (Brussels), Mainz, EHESS (Marseille), Roskilde, Uppsala and Geneva (IED).  Students would study a minimum of 30 credits at UCL.