Possible trainings at the end of the programme

Positioning of the programme within the University curses 
Successful completion of the1st year allows direct access not only to the second year in Bioengineering, but also to the second year of the bachelor's programmes in Biological, Chemical or Geographical Sciences.
Upon successful completion of his bachelor's studies, the student will be entitled access to three master's programmes, in the context of the second cycle of studies of the Faculty of Bioengineering, Agronomy and Environment : 
Bioengineering : Agronomical Sciences, Bioengineering : Chemistry and Bio-industries Bioengineering : Sciences and Technologies of the Environment. 

Other studies accessible upon completion of the programme 
In addition, the student will also be able to access other master's programmes organised in other UCL faculties or in other universities in Belgium or abroad, subject to possible prerequisites specified for the programme in question.