List of available minors

The student may complete his programme by choosing :
- a minor (30 credits), to be spread over the last two years of the bachelor's programme. Those minors organised within the ESPO Faculty or by other departments within the Human Sciences are automatically accessible on the bachelor's programme of Information and Communication. Any other minor outside the Human Sciences may be requested by a student but is subject to the approval of the Supervisor of the bachelor's programme of Information and Communication
- options (30 credits) offered by other bachelor's programmes, on the condition that no special prerequisites need to be fulfilled. The choice of these courses will be assessed by the Programme Supervisor in accordance with the student's anticipated study programme.

> Minor in Law (access)
> Minor in English Studies (*)
> Minor in Antiquity: Egypt, Eastern World, Greece, Rome
> Minor in Urban Architecture
> Minor in History of Art and Archeology
> Minor in Chinese studies
> Approfondissement en communication
> Cours au choix pour COMU1BA
> Minor in Criminology
> Minor in Culture and Creation
> Minor in Scientific Culture
> Minor in Development and Environment
> Minor in Sustainable Development (*)
> Minor in Economics
> Minor in European Studies
> Minor in French Studies (*)
> Minor in Gender Studies
> Minor in Geography (*)
> Minor in Mangement (basic knowledge)
> Minor in Management (ESPO students)
> Minor in History
> Minor in Human and Social Sciences
> Minor in Arabic language and Islamic civilization
> Minor in Philosophy
> Minor in Linguistics
> Minor in Literary Studies
> Minor in Medieval Studies
> Approfondissement 'Principes de maîtrise de l'actualité'
> Minor in entrepreneurship (*)
> Minor in Musicology
> Minor in Dutch Studies (*)
> Minor in Law (openness)
> Minor in Economics (open)
> Minor in Oriental Studies
> Minor in Sciences of Religions (openness)
> Minor in Sociology and Anthropology
> Minor in Population and Development Studies
> Minor in Political Sciences
> Minor in Statistics, Actuarial Sciences and Data Sciences
> Minor in numerical technologies and society
> Minor in Christian Theology
> Minor in Biomedicine (openness) (*)
> Approfondissement en journalisme (Mobilité KU Leuven)
> Approfondissement en communication des organisations (mobilité KU Leuven)
> Approfondissement en culture et communication (mobilité KU Leuven)

(*) This programme is the subject of access criteria