Programme structure

The 120-credit programme of the Master's degree in Data Scienceconsists of :

  • A core curriculum of at least 45 credits of:
    • Data structures and algorithms for data analysis
    • Machine learning and data mining
    • Statistics
  • a specialized 30-credit mandatory courses including the Master Thesis and an industrial seminar,
  • at least one major (Numerical Methods and Optimization or Computer Systems),
  • elective courses to achieve at least 120 credits.

An additional teaching module may be added to the 120-credit programme for students who do not have all the prerequisites for the Master's degree. These teaching units will be selected with the study advisor.

For a typical programme, this Master's degree will total, whatever the purpose, options and/or elective courses selected, a minimum of 120 credits spread over two annual blocks corresponding to 60 credits each.


For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.