Programme structure

For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.

> Tronc commun
> Liste au choix de finalités DATI2M
> Professional Focus
> List of electives
> Majors in Data Science: Information technology
> Major in computer systems
> Major in numerical methods and optimization
> Major in Cryptography and information security
> Cours au choix disciplinaires
> Options et cours au choix en connaissances socio-économiques
> Business risks and opportunities
> Major in small and medium sized business creation
> Cours au choix en connaissances socio-économiques
> Others elective courses
> Others elective courses
> Preparatory Module (only for students who qualify for the course via complementary coursework)
> Additional courses (preparatory module) to the Master [120] in Data Science: Information Technology