Course prerequisites

The table below lists the activities (course units, or CUs) for which there are one or more prerequisites within the programme, i.e. the programme CU for which the learning outcomes must be certified and the corresponding credits awarded by the jury before registering for that CU.

These activities are also identified in the detailed programme: their title is followed by a yellow square.

Prerequisites and student's annual programme

As the prerequisite is for CU registration puposes only, there are no prerequisites within a programme year. Prerequisites are defined between CUs of different years and therefore influence the order in which the student will be able to register for the programme's CUs.

In addition, when the jury validates a student's individual programme at the beginning of the year, it ensures its coherence, meaning that it may:

  • transform a prerequisite into a corequisite within the same year (to enable the student to continue his or her studies with a sufficient annual course load)
  • require the student to combine registration in two separate CUs which it considers necessary from a pedagogical point of view.

For more information, please consult the Academic Regulations and Procedures (

# Prerequisities list
LALLE1332 "Deutsch Mittelstufe II" has prerequisite(s) LALLE1230
LANGL1332 "Anglais des affaires" has prerequisite(s) LANGL1330
LECGE1212 "Macroéconomie" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1112 ET LECGE1115
LECGE1213 "Marketing" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1115
LECGE1217 "History of Economic Theory" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1115 ET LANGL1330
LECGE1219 "Comptabilité II et analyse des états financiers" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1113
LECGE1221 "Droit économique et fiscalité" has prerequisite(s) LESPO1122
LECGE1222 "Microéconomie" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1112 ET LECGE1115
LECGE1223 "Gestion de la production et des opérations" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1112
LECGE1224 "Statistique en économie et gestion II" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1114
LECGE1230 "Mathématiques en économie et gestion II" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1112
LECGE1312 "Economie publique" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1115
LECGE1316 "Econométrie" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1112 ET LECGE1114
LECGE1330 "Industrial organization" has prerequisite(s) LANGL1330 ET LECGE1115
LECGE1332 "Finance" has prerequisite(s) LECGE1113
LESPA1332 "Espagnol pour Sciences économiques, deuxième partie (B1.1 - B1.2)" has prerequisite(s) LESPA1230
LNEER1332 "Algemeen en economisch Nederlands - Intermediair niveau deel 2" has prerequisite(s) LNEER1230