Programme structure

The interfaculty nature of the Master means that a significant part of the programme includes courses organized by different partner faculties.  
The programme is structured as follows :

  1. students from different backgrounds will follow introductory courses which will enable them to acquire a foundation in disciplines they have not studies before. Students must take all these activities to qualify for the Master degree : exemptions may be given for subjects already studied and previous results. If more than 21 credits are lacking, students will have to complete a preparatory year before they can enter the Master programme.
  2. a block of compulsory group activities : 7 credits
  3. a professional focus including 30 credits for compulsory activities
  4. an option or a block of optional subjects : the option programme must include a  minimum of 15 credits and a maximum of 30. It is possible to select a mixed programme of activities. However, it is compulsory to take at least 15 credits for activities within a single option if this option is to be mentioned in the supplement to the degree certificate. Failing this, there will be no specific reference to a particular option : the supplement will merely list the optional subjects taken.
  5. a professional work placement, ideally done outside the university: 30 credits
  6. a final piece of individual work (report on the professional work placement) : 15 credits
  7. optional activities enabling students to supplement their programme, depending on any exemptions they may have been granted.  

To recap :

  1. Core subjects (total : min. 52 credits and max. 75 credits)
    • work placement  (*)     : 30 credits
    • individual final projet (*)     : 15 credits
    • compulsory group activities (*)   :  7 credits
    • basic activities    : 21 credits maximum
    • optional activities    : 15 credits
  2. Professional focus  (*)     : 30 credits
  3. Option courses or optional subjects :
    • Option course: 15 credits minimum (*) and 30 credits maximum.
    • Optional subjects : 15 credits minimum (*).

(*) Compulsory activities

Each individual programme must always be approved by the programme coordinator.

For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.