Teaching method

The programme for the Master in Public Health is designed to create the best possible conditions for the acquisition and development of professional skills for future executives in the field of health.
To this end, the following elements are key :
- learning activities centred on the practical reality of public health : analysis of problems, case studies, participation of professional expert, in small groups of students according to the option courses chosen
- the connection between theory/practice a vital component of the programme, reflected in many combined activities and teaching in subject blocks
- the possibility of adjusting the basic programme to take the professional training project into account. This project can also form the common theme of different assignments and form the subject of the dissertation.
- a lively exchange of ideas and debate are also encouraged in group work, sessions for exchange of techniques and integrated activities in small groups. This also encourages openness to interdisciplinarity.
- acquisition of cross-disciplinary skills (analysis, argumentation, summary, transfer) is also encouraged by an assessment approach which gives greater weight to the integrated use of knowledge than its reproduction.
- teaching is done by a team of academic staff and health experts.

There will be special use of e-learning techniques to help group work.