Additional courses (preparatory module) to the master course

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, they must add supplementary classes at the beginning of their Master’s programme in order to obtain the prerequisites for these studies.

Mandatory General Courses (30 credits)
Mandatory Academic working methodology (5 credits)
EN q1  30h  5 credits    
Pauline Pirlot (compensates Pierre Baudewyns)

Mandatory Languages (5 credits)
Medium or good level; elementary level possible for German and Spanish. 1 course to choose from this list
DE q1+q2  90h  5 credits    
ES q1+q2  90h  5 credits    
EN q1+q2  45h  5 credits    
EN q1+q2  30h  5 credits    
EN q1+q2  45h  5 credits    
Mandatory Economy (5 credits)
Mandatory LEURO1302  European economy
FR q1  30h  5 credits    
Mandatory Law (5 credits)
Mandatory LDROI1226  European Union law
FR q2  45h+10h  5 credits    
Mandatory Political sciences (5 credits)
Mandatory LESPO1114  Political Science
EN q1 or q2  30h  5 credits    
Jonathan Piron (compensates Pierre Baudewyns)
, Min Reuchamps

Mandatory History (5 credits)
Mandatory Specific issues
Between 20 and 30 credits. Students can choose also the lectures LEUSL2040 or LEUSL2051.
FR q2  30h  5 credits    
FR q2  30h  5 credits    
Séverine Lagneaux
, Laurent Rasier (compensates Philippe Hiligsmann)

FR q1  40h  5 credits    
Vincent Laborderie (compensates Tanguy De Wilde d'Estmael)

FR q2  30h  5 credits    
Optional LCOPS1311  Social Philosophy
FR q2  30h  4 credits    
FR q1  30h+15h  5 credits    
FR q2  30h+15h  5 credits